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from £0.50

100% recycled. A neat and practical way of protecting your privacy. Complete with sliding section so you can slide open when you want to use your web cam and slide closed for security.

from £0.69

Slim plastic 2-in-1 phone stand and finger grip; simply pull the unit open when in use and fold away neatly after.

from £0.75

Plastic webcam cover with built in screen cleaner

from £0.80

Silicone loop keyring with colour co-ordinated aluminium panel and slip ring attachment

from £0.92

The carabiner is great for fastening lot tp rucksacks, belts etc. and clips to just about anything

from £1.08

Polyester strap with aluminium patch (extra) and coloured carabiner and split ring

from £1.33

Camera Blockers in Case. A clear case containing 3 individual camera blockers designed to protect your mobile devices from webcam hackers. Simply attach and press firmly to the camera lens of your device. The blocker covers your webcams when not in use and slides open when you need to use your webcam. It also locks in place to ensure the cover doesn't slide open. It can be used to cover the front camera of phones, tablets, and most laptops and PCs. ABS Plastic.

from £1.82

Metal ring that attaches to the back of your mobile phone to act as a stand

from £2.04

An anti-static glass cleaner suitable for all types of glasses, sunglasses, mobile phone, kindles and computer screens. Includes microfibre cleaning cloth and 7.5ml cleaning spray in a clear PVC pouch.

from £2.25

3-in-1 magnetic keychain USB cable with type C and reversible 5 pin (Apple) and micro USB (Android)

from £2.26

Plastic 3-in-1 light up charger keyring. Engraving lights up when engraved. Adaptors include: USB, type C and reversible 5 pin (Apple) and micro USB (Android).

from £2.85

Multi device charging cables all on one cable with plastic keyring. Includes a USB, 5 pin, type C android and micro USB Connectors.



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