Hand Held Fans

Handheld fans are a great way to stay cool and beat the heat this summer. The fans are available in different styles, either as a traditional portable fan, a battery operated hand held fan or a USB powered fan. The traditional portable fans come with colour fabric making them lightweight and the brand can be custom printed on the handle. The battery operated handheld portable fan is compact and has different speed settings, can fit in your pocket or bag. Alternatively, they can come as desk fans so you can attach the fan next to your desk and power the fan from a USB. They are quiet, powerful, fun and light for those hot days. Other uses for them are using them at the beach or camping. They also can be used for any event or conference that needs a little extra cooling power!

Please search our range of fans below from our current stock. If you need more information then please contact us on 0330 1139774 or sales@merchandisebranding.co.uk



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Airing micro USB fan. Power button free, micro USB fan suitable for use with OTG compatible smartphones and tablets. Removable, silicone propeller for safe use and easy storage. Powered by the battery of your media device. Plastic and silicone.

from £0.81

Fabric paper hand held fan. This traditional portable fan is lightweight, compact and a perfect way to stay cool in the summer heat. It can be branded with your logo on one side of the handle. It is available in white, red and light green. For more information on this portable fan or other handheld fans please contact us on 0330 113977 or sales@merchandisebranding.co.uk

from £1.02

Breeze foldable hand fan with cord. Flexible nylon fan that folds back into the plastic case. Including neck cord. ABS plastic.

from £1.05

Concertina fabric hand held fan with plastic handle. Perfect for keeping cool in summer or on holiday. Can be printed one colour to the material or up to four spot colours to the handle at extra charge.

from £1.17

Manual hand fan with semi-rigid frosted transparent surface.

from £1.34


from £1.48

Phone Fans are a clever way to get your clients message accross, the practicality of the item makes these very popular With the power being supplied by a Phone there is no need to worry about changing the batteries in the product They are printed direct to the blade on both sides They are available with a USB, Micro USB or a Lightning fitment

from £1.64

Manual hand fan.

from £2.05


from £2.62

Fiji water pocket fan. Pocket fan with a small water container and spray to provide relief from the heat. 2 x AA batteries included. PS and PP.

from £2.68

Fan with ribs in natural wood and polyester fabric with shiny finishing. Available in golden and silver colours and presented in an individual box.

from £2.79

35ml fan vaporizer in a varied range of bright tones. With translucent colour body and EVA fans. Battery powered -2xAA batteries not included-



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